ERDI Officers

Michael D.W Lee

Chief Executive Officer & Secretary


17 Elvina Gardens
Toronto, Ontario, M4P 1X7
Tel: (416) 481-8462
Cell: (416) 579-6694

Michael is the CEO and CFO of the Education Research and Development Corporation, a national organization that initiates meaningful dialogue between business leaders from 38 major corporations and premier directors/superintendents of education from more than 50 key school systems across Canada.

In his role, Michael oversees all operational and financial aspects of the corporation, negotiates and organizes all conferences; managing their logistics and chairing their major events.

Michael is responsible for the sales portion of ERDI; working with corporations to support their attendance and towards gaining a full understanding of the ERDI conference and the network it provides. Michael is also responsible for the recruitment and support of all our education partner and education associates.

In his role, Michael also serves as Chief Executive Officer of ERDI and, in partnership with the executive committee; he is responsible for the success of ERDI. Together, the executive and the CEO assure ERDI’s relevance to the communities, the accomplishment of ERDI‘s mission and vision, and the accountability of the ERDI Organization to its diverse constituents.

Michael is responsibility for management and day-to-day operations and he has the authority to carry out these responsibilities, in accordance with the direction and policies established by the executive committee. The CEO provides direction and carries out its governance functions.

William S. Hogarth


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6 Alexandra Wood
Richmond Hill, Ontario, L4B 2K1
Tel: (905) 884-0339
Cell: (416) 930-3520

A collaborative senior leader who, in periods of both expansion and consolidation over the past 40 years in two school boards, Bill Hogarth has had a broad range of experiences: expertise in developing and implementing strategic plans, board policy and ministry regulations, as well as curriculum and professional development programs.  Bill is described as a confident team player who is perceptive, proactive, visionary and results oriented; a self-motivated individual who values excellence in student achievement, positive student and staff morale, good communication, meaningful partnerships, and who agrees with the values embodied in the mission statement.

As Director of Education for 16 years, Bill’s leadership was instrumental in moving the York Region District School Board from a narrow internal focus to a robust, continually evolving and sophisticated organization that advocates not only for York Region students, but for public education as a cornerstone of all healthy communities.

Susan LaRosa

Senior Strategist-Corporate/Education Partner Relations

6 Horton`s First
 Stouffville, Ontario, L4A 1L6
Tel: (905) 591-4131 
Cell:(416) 505-1778

Susan LaRosa has extensive experience in public education as a teacher, principal, superintendent and retired as Director of Education of the York Catholic District school Board.

During her 15 year tenure as Director she led a re-culturing of the Board where creativity and innovation were welcomed. Under her leadership the board launched a massive construction program, building 26 elementary schools and 6 secondary schools to accommodate the enrolment increase of 12,000 students.

Susan is described as a leader with a no-nonsense approach coupled with a solid work ethic.  She is known for her particular strengths of building and retaining positive relationships with staff and her strategic leadership in aligning the Board in support of student achievement. 

 While carrying out her core responsibilities with wisdom and enthusiasm she distinguished herself as a community leader, contributing to countless endeavours with agencies and public services.

Robert J. Lee

Executive Vice President

2180 Marine Drive, Unit 2302
Oakville, Ontario, L6L 5V2
Tel: (905) 847-8915
Cell:(416) 802-8604

Robert Lee (Bob) was one of the founding principles of the Education Research and Development Corporation; a national Canadian organization responsible for bringing together major suppliers of educational products and services and Directors/ CEO’s of Education for the purpose of improving education at the classroom level. In this role, he played a major part in the operation of the corporation, where he worked with school board CEO's from across Canada. He continues to maintain a strong relationship with directors and superintendents nation-wide.

Bob started his career as a Teacher. His experience  ranged from being a classroom teacher to an elementary school principal and a secondary Vice principal. During that time he became the; President of the York Municipal athletic association, Chair of the school district elementary teachers’ negotiation committee and Chair of the Regional Professional Development Committee

Bob then moved into district education administration, where he became an Area Superintendent responsible for the elementary and secondary schools in the Erin Mills/Clarkson area. He then became a regional superintendent and filled the roles of the Superintendent of Staff Development and the Regional Superintendent of Personal responsible for Peel Board’s  human resource department and all union and association negotiations. In addition, he was responsible for all the legal work associated with human resource operations.

Bob was appointed Director of Education for the Peel Board and served in this role for six years. In addition to his duties as the CEO and Secretary to the school board, during that time he became the Chair of the provincial negotiators association and Chair of the regional provincial supervisory officers association.

The majority of the ERDI Team is made up of past Directors / Superintendents from Canadian school districts. Which gives ERDI a unique viewpoint and understanding of the rewards and challenges that face our education system in Canada.

The care and details that are taken in putting together all of our conferences help make it a rewarding experience for both our Education Partners and our Corporate Partners.

Michael Lee