ERDI provides three key area of services


Our Service Features


There are four main elements to an ERDI conference. The key element is the 3-hour or two 80 minute panel times provided to each Corporate Partner. The second element is the social/relationship building portion of the conference that consists of a hospitality room that is open throughout the conference, luncheons, a fun night, and our banquet. The third element is a general session that opens the conference and is an opportunity for the Principals of ERDI to deal with the logistics of the conference and to provide an exciting program on a topic that is of mutual interest to all in attendance. Lastly, we have an Advisory Council consisting of the ERDI Principals plus six members from our Education and Corporate Partners. The Council provides advice to the Principals of ERDI on a wide range of topics to help to enhance the quality of the conferences and services.

Consulting & Support

ERDI offers organizations and corporations Consulting and Support Services to support of their needs and interests as these relate to education, learning and organizational development. Clients for such services are not limited to those directly involved with K-12, but include all organizations with a stake and interest in promoting learning and providing educational programs, whatever their sphere of influence.

Research & Development

ERDI, in its first four years of existence, focused exclusively on providing a forum for our Corporate Partners to have a meaningful dialogue with our Education Partners. ERDI is now prepared to expand its services. ERDI is prepared to offer research and development, consulting and support services, directly to an individual corporate client. ERDI has access to a wide range of resources including, but not exclusive to, retired ERDI Education Partners, many existing Education Partners, normally though their staff on a contract basis, school boards/districts across Canada, retired senior staff and specialists across Canada, corporate Canada, and connections throughout the world.