About Us

A Meaningful Dialogue to better understandaddress the Business of Education

Education Research & Development Corporation (ERDI) has established a forum for meaningful dialogue
between business leaders and chief executive officers (CEOs, superintendents and directors) of key
school districts/boards across Canada. This dialogue is intended to have a positive impact on education in
Canada by influencing the quality of services and products provided to school systems by the Corporate
Partners of ERDI.

A key element of ERDI is the semi-annual conference with either a 3-hour or two 80 minute panels, where
each Corporate Partner is provided an opportunity to get feedback and advice on any topic including those
related to products, services and marketing strategies. Panels are not to be used to sell products or services
to ERDI Education Partners. In addition, opportunities for relationship building are provided throughout
the 3-day conference.

ERDI and all of its members strongly support and acknowledge the importance of adhering to all provincial and school district procurement policies and practices across Canada.